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The 2nd Annual Best In Small Business Awards


The 2nd Annual Best In Small Business Awards


November 9th, 2024

November 6th, 2024

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The Best in Small Business Award is the most prestigious honor that recognizes and celebrates Women Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Corporate executives, and a woman in other business arenas with several notable “Best of Small Business” categories to choose from.

The nomination process will consist of a two-stage process, with Stage 1 being a general nomination process to gain a qualified pool of finalists, and Stage 2 consisting of voting for the nominees


Stage 1 nominations are due by June 18th, 2024. The award is scheduled to be presented in Chicago on November 9th, 2024, and in Mississippi on November 6th, 2024.


View Our Complete List of Nominations Categories

Benefits of Winning:

  1. National Recognition as one of the top Small Businesses in the state.

  2. Brand Awareness

  3. Acknowledge the recognition you deserve

  4. Immediate credibility for new and existing customers 

  5. Attract new business or personal opportunities

  6. This Award is a great differentiator for your Product or Service

  7. Great positive exposure for your business

  8. A trophy to display your company's achievements

The History:

The Best In Small Business Awards was founded in 2022 by Reneka Thomas. This award ceremony was created to recognize, celebrate, and value Women Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, and Corporate executives statewide. The most recent award ceremony took place on November 1st, 2023, at The Annex Building in Starkville MS which has created history with many more to come.

Nomination Guidelines 

  1. The nomination process begins May 15th and Ends June 18th. voting begins June 25th.

  2. There will be an Award Ceremony in Illinois & Mississippi. Please select the correct tab for nomination.

  3. Anyone can nominate across the U.S. All are welcome.

  4. You can only nominate women in up to two (2) categories.

  5. The top 3 nominees in each category will go on the voting ballot to be voted for on June 16th.

  6. All are welcome to attend this event however you can only nominate a woman in each category.

  7. All Nominees must have a valid email. All Nominees will be notified via email. Please check your junk and spam folder for our emails.

  8. All nominations must be accepted via email to move on to the Voting stage.

  9. If you nominate someone, please notify them so they can check their emails. All updates and the nominee's official announcement flyer will be on The Best In Small Business Awards  Facebook page.



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"Winning an award for your hard work, dedication, and community service is always a special moment!"

- Reneka Thomas, President & CEO, PDWW

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